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Code link: https://github.com/cabooster/DeepCAD-RT

Homepage and tutorial: https://cabooster.github.io/DeepCAD-RT/

DeepCAD is a versatile method to denoise fluorescence time-lapse images with rapid processing speed. It is based on deep self-supervised learning and the original low-SNR data can be directly used for training convolutional networks, making it particularly advantageous in functional imaging where the sample is undergoing fast dynamics and capturing ground-truth data is hard or impossible. We have demonstrated extensive experiments including calcium imaging in mice, zebrafish, and flies, cell migration observations, and the imaging of a new genetically encoded ATP sensor, covering both 2D single-plane imaging and 3D volumetric imaging. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations show that our method can substantially enhance fluorescence time-lapse imaging data and permit high-sensitivity imaging of biological dynamics beyond the shot-noise limit.