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Nature Biomedical Engineering | A miniaturized mesoscope for the large-scale single-neuron-resolved imaging of neuronal activity in freely behaving mice

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A new head-mounted microscope, SOMM (Systematically Optimized Miniaturized Mesoscope), is transforming neuroscience research. Published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, SOMM enables large-scale, high-resolution recording of brain activity in freely behaving mice, offering unprecedented insights into the neural basis of behavior.

SOMM overcomes limitations of traditional brain imaging methods by combining:

Large-scale recording: Capture activity of thousands of neurons simultaneously

High resolution: 4-micrometer resolution identifies individual neurons

Wide field of view: Covers a significant portion of the mouse cortex

Robustness against motion artifacts: Ensures reliable recordings in active mice

Miniaturized and lightweight: Less than 2.5 grams for comfortable wear

SOMM's potential applications are vast, including:

Understanding neural circuits underlying complex behaviors

Investigating neurological disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Developing new therapies for brain-related conditions

SOMM, a collaborative effort involving researchers from Tsinghua University and Rockefeller University, is poised to revolutionize our understanding of the brain and its role in behavior.

Figure| The propose miniaturized mesoscopic equipment