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Yuwang Wang

Assistant Researcher

BNRist, Tsinghua University


Research direction

3D Vision and Display, Machine Learning, AIGC

Education and Experience

09/2022 – Present, Assistant Researcher atBeijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University

07/2017 – 09/2022, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research Asia

09/2011 – 07/2017, Ph.D. Control Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

11/2013–07/2014, Visiting Graduate Student, CSAIL, MIT

09/2007 – 07/2011, B.Eng. Department of Automation, Tsinghua University

Representative Publications in past 3 years (# co-first author, *corresponding author):

1、S2R-DepthNet: Learning a Generalizable Depth-specific Structural Representation. Xiaotian Chen,Yuwang Wang*, Xuejin Chen, Wenjun Zeng. CVPR 2021 (CCF-A, oral).

2、Visual Concept Tokenization. Tao Yang,Yuwang Wang*, Yan Lu, Nanning Zheng. NeurIPS 2022. (CCF-A)

3、Template-guided Hierarchical Feature Restoration for Anomaly Detection. Hewei Guo, Liping Ren, Jingjing Fu,Yuwang Wang*, Zhizheng Zhang, Cuiling Lan, Haoqian Wang, Xinwen Hou. ICCV 2023. (CCF-A)

4、DisDiff: Unsupervised Disentanglement of Diffusion Probabilistic Models. Tao Yang;Yuwang Wang*; Yan Lu; Nanning Zheng. NeurIPS 2023. (CCF-A)

5、Incremental Residual Concept Bottleneck Models. Chenming Shang, Shiji Zhou, Hengyuan Zhang, Xinzhe Ni, Yujiu Yang,Yuwang Wang*. CVPR 2024 . (CCF-A)

Research Focus:

My research field lies in 3D visual information perception, computation, and display interaction. Addressing the challenges of difficulty in 3D visual information perception, poor interaction, and slow control, I propose new algorithms for efficient 3D visual perception and reconstruction. Additionally, I introduce new mechanisms for concept-level controllable generation and interaction of visual content. Furthermore, I develop new systems for data processing and light control tailored for 3D display.

Honors & Awards:





英文名 职称 Assistant Researcher
院系 BNRist, Tsinghua University 邮箱 wang-yuwang@tsinghua.edu.cn
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