Qionghai Dai

Professor  |  Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering



Dr. Qionghai Dai, born in Dec, 1964, now works as a professor in department of Automation and as an adjunct professor in department of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University. He is also an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Dr. Dai is expertized in computational photography and stereoscopic vision. Supported by National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), the Special Fund for Research on National Major Research Instruments, and National Science Foundation of China, he led a program to develop a Real-time, Ultra-large-Scale imaging at high resolution (RUSH) macroscope on the basis of innovative theories and key technologies of computational photography. RUSH macroscope is succeed in the multi-dimensional and multi-scale dynamic imaging from subcellular to organ levels, leading to the breakthrough observation of neuron connections in million-scale and real-time, which may reveal the structure and function of the human neural system. The findings may provide supports for creation of a new generation of neural computing methods.