Key Technology and Industrial of Stereovision for new generation

National Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize, 2016, Certificate No. 2016-J-220-2-01-R01

Technology and Device for 3D Video Reconstruction and Display

National Technology Invention Award, First Prize, 2012, Certificate No. 2012-F-309-1-01-R01

New Streaming Media Technology Based on Fusion Network

National Technology Invention Award, Second Prize, 2008, Certificate No. 2008-F-220-2-01-R01

Key Technologies and Applications of Dynamic Stereo Vision System

Provincial or ministerial level, Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award, first prize, 2015, certificate number: B07-0-1-02-R01

Key Technologies and Applications of Stereo Vision Perception and Modeling

Provincial or ministerial level, Science and Technology Invention Award of China Electronics Society, First Prize, 2015, Certificate No. KJ2015-J1-07-R01

Technology and Device for Stereo Video Acquisition and Reconstruction

Provincial and ministerial level, Ministry of Education Science and Technology Award, First Prize, 2011, Certificate number: 2011-102